Development Strategy

There is no such thing as a straight line development strategy

No two projects are the same, there is no such thing as a straight line development strategy that sets out which services a developer needs and in which strict order.  In fact, much of the development process is an iterative process with various skill sets and expertise needed at various points in time.  Experience has taught us that a successful development strategy allows for overlapping of various skill sets and is geared towards a client’s areas of concern, their strengths and their requirements.  Mapping this process is crucial, particularly when evaluating complicated mixed use schemes where ;and uses are yet to be defined and may be fluid for some time.

CLEAR Associates helps with this process by evaluating financial parameters for each land use under consideration, helping shape concepts and masterplans, while driving future profitability and exit strategies that fit the client’s agenda.  CLEAR Associates’ wide range of experience also aids in mapping the appropriate development strategy for a particular project and connecting the right skill sets to a project at the right time.  We believe that your success is ours and we work on making that partnership not merely successful, but also easy and trust worthy. 

Project examples:

Active Leisure, Europe: INTU

For a number of locations in Europe Margreet assessed likely levels of demand for active leisure components within large retail destinations. The interaction between retail and leisure is at the forefront of retail planning currently and our team is providing ground-breaking research in this area.

Urban Mixed Use Complex, Istanbul – Turkey: Confidential Client

For a historic site in the suburbs of Istanbul, on the shore of the Bosphorus, Margreet led the team that assessed potential returns from a variety of residential real estate types, a luxury hotel, a private members club, a Spa, a film studio complex, a private school, and rental rates for retail and office uses. Special attention was paid to the concept development of an interactive, living museum component to bring the chequered history of the site back to life.

Urban Mixed Use Complex, Cairo, Egypt: Confidential Client

On behalf of the owner of a well known mixed use urban development in Cairo, Margreet led a three day workshop aligning the goals and interests of the managers leading each of the individual components. The various stakeholders explored key factors of success for the individual components and how these might impact the other components. The output of the workshop was a set of measurable goals and initiatives for each component and manager that aimed at maximising the revenues from each component and from the development as a whole.

Urban Mixed Use Complex, Mauritius: Azuri

AECOM was commissioned to develop a concept and masterplan for the development of a 204 ha plot of land in Mauritius. Based on an analysis of the economy of Mauritius and various landuses, the final concept is a residential driven development with a visitor attraction, some hotel accommodation, a private school and specialised medical facilities. The fully informed masterplan is being drawn on the basis of the findings of the market study and financial feasibility assessment performed for the client.

Ski Resort, Adjara – Georgia: Confidential Client

The government of the autonomous province of Adjara wished to develop a ski-resort in its mountain range to stimulate the tourism economy in the area. In order to achieve this goal masterplanners were commissioned to decide on a final location for the resort and its components. Much of Margreet’s input centred around an assessment of the likely market for the resort, how this could change tourism to the area, how the tourism framework of Adjara needed to adept to ensure the resort would be as successful as possible and what the ideal component mix for the resort would be.

Movie Park Germany, Germany: Parques Reunidos

CLEAR Associates led the team that provided attendance projections for a suggested second gate – an indoor waterpark – at the existing park and for a suggested land extension at the park.

Mirabilandia, Italy: Parques Reunidos

Margreet provided a view on what the likely impacts of the addition of a branded land extension might be for the park.

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