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There are no two projects alike.

There are no two clients alike. At CLEAR Associates we pride ourselves on exploring with our clients what their detailed requirements may be and we aim to ensure that we do not oversell you work you may not need at an early stage, but we focus on scoping with our clients exactly what they need to have the greatest impact on progressing their business.  

Our experience ranges widely and our clients range from not for profit businesses through to sharp stock exchange listed companies and driven entrepreneurs. In fact, there is no problem we will not help you address.  The ‘funkier’ a concept or a problem, the more fired up we get about helping.  We relish challenges!

Project examples:

Global Review of FEC concepts Viacom – Nickelodeon

To provide input in the development of a new concept for a Nickelodeon experience centre , Margreet provided an overview of cutting edge FEC concepts that are being developed around the globe. This included sports focused concepts, technology focused concepts, and concepts aimed at wide age groups.

Strategic Tourism Master Planning, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Margreet worked for Ernst & Young from 1998 until 2003. During this time her responsibilities included advising the Saudi Arabian government on organisational structure and framework for tourism organisations to be established in Saudi Arabia on national, regional and local levels in both public and private sectors; project and financial management for a project to develop tourism strategy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including a 20-year tourism master plan and a 5-year action plan (both in London and Riyadh).

Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi – UAE:

AECOM was commissioned to create a masterplan for the Mina Zayed area of Abu Dhabi. Margreet led the Economics team that assessed current values and likely drivers for demand going forward. This analysis informed the masterplan’s main land uses, their adjacencies and their market targeting.

Development of Concept for Four Large Gaming Led Resorts in Russia: RTG

Margreet led the team that was commissioned to independently assess the potential for the development of four very large mixed use gaming resorts in the four Russian gaming zones. The developments include a mix of gaming, accommodation, entertainment and leisure facilities that are balanced to ensure year round operation of the resorts and enough attraction to ensure the developments will not merely rely on gaming as their demand driver.

Portfolio Review Costa Edutainment, Italy New Deal Advisors / Costa Edutainment

On behalf of New Deal Advisors, a private equity firm, Margreet led a strategic review of the 12 Costa Edutainment assets and their financial performance. As a second stage, and on behalf of both the financier and the target, Margreet led a team that assessed the future potential of each of the main assets, outlining levels of reasonable revenues, growth rates and EBITDA that may be expected of each target given strategic redevelopment of each asset. This included a scenario review of the assets given a ‘no change’ situation, a ‘minor change’ situation and a ‘optimal change’ situation.

Mixed Use Resort, Sunny Beach – Bulgaria: Confidential Client

The development potential of a sizeable plot of agricultural land on the second line from the sea at Sunny Beach was reviewed. Key questions revolved around the appropriate market segmentation to attract to the resort, the targeting of the resort’s amenities to the market segments and the timing of the development. The concept devised included residential properties for recently retired English buyers, medical and leisure facilities targeted at this group and hotel accommodation targeted at a similar age group.

Museum Sector Review, Morocco: Confidential Client

As part of a wider AECOM team, spread throughout multiple geographies, Margreet reviewed the museum sector in Morocco to better understand its characteristics and the potential for cooperation with between Moroccan musea and other international musea of high standing.

Mixed Use Resort, Alexandria – Egypt: Confidential Client

On behalf of the owner of a tired and outdated resort development along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, Margreet looked at the feasibility of updating the resort and repositioning it, thereby increasing its value and cashflows for the owning company.

Retail and Leisure Destination, Marrakech – Morocco: Confidential Client

For a suburban site in Marrakech Margreet led the assignment to assess the potential for a retail and leisure development. A concept was recommended and evaluated that included extensive retail, Food & Beverage facilities and an interactive type of museum component. Significant time was spent on assessing the market potential for the museum and what it should offer to optimize footfall for the retail element.

Upmarket Ski-Resort Hotel, Bansko – Bulgaria: Confidential Client

A developer of apart-hotels wanted their concept assessed and revised to a more feasible solution just as the resort real estate market in Bansko was at its peak. We outlined the state of the market and warned the developer to alter the concept ahead of the turn. We assessed the feasibility of an upmarket ski-resort hotel in the town and concluded that the location was not well suited for an upmarket development and the mid and lower markets were oversupplied considering the limited capacity of the ski slope. Ultimately the developer was able to sell the plot and extract himself from the location.

Jeddah– Strategic Planning: Jeddah Amana

AECOM was advising the Jeddah Amana on the strategic spatial planning for Jeddah going forward to 2033. Margreet’s role within this focussed on the role tourism can play within the development of Jeddah over the next three decades.

Tourism Led Development of a Greenfield Site, Latvia: Confidential Client

The owning company of a large greenfield site in rural Latvia wished to develop an entire new community with its own micro economy. The assessment of tourism as a driver within this process led to the conclusion that tourism might be leveraged as a secondary driver but could not be used as the primary development driver for the first phase.

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