At CLEAR Associates we offer a wide range of research led consultancy

Services include but are not limited to

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Market Assessment

A thorough review and analysis of a specific geographic market. This includes not just analysis of the resident and tourist market available to the venue, but also a look at local competition, pricing levels and business levels, and a look at international developments from which lessons may be learned. This results in a view on possible demand levels.


Financial Feasibility

A financial feasibility study seeks to answer the question “how could this business financially perform on an ongoing basis”.


Business Planning

Business planning is crucial to any enterprise and should be an ongoing process informing and driving decision making. It is a process of determining and formalising objectives, strategies and actions that will make the business flourish.


Development Strategy​

Mapping out a development strategy is crucial particularly where various skill sets need to overlap in the process and work together to bring a project to life. Especially for the development of projects with a mix of uses, timing is everything and drives the cash flow and financial health of the development.


Operational Review

A running concern is in as much need of a fresh pair of eyes and strategic development as a newly hatched idea.

Funky Stuff

There are no two clients alike. At CLEAR Associates we pride ourselves on exploring with our clients what their detailed requirements may be and we aim to ensure that we do not oversell you work you may not need at an early stage.

We carry out thorough research specific to the given criteria, leaving you with truly informative and relevant reports.