Theme Parks and Water Parks

Market research is the key!

Key to these larger capital investments is the need to remain locally relevant while of an international quality level.  Theme and water parks balance the needs and requirements of the local resident population with attracting (international) tourists as well.  This requires the content, theming and the storylines to be well adapted to the local market without alienating the tourist market.  Does this require theming, an IP, or a brand?  

We can help you make that choice in a well thought through manner and based on market research.

Project examples:

Review of theme park performance and future potential, UAE – Confidential client

On behalf of a confidential client the team assessed performance to date of a large theme park development.  Combined with an understanding of various marketing strategies employed over time, the team developed an understanding of current positioning and target markets.  Based on the performance to date and international comparables, the team then assessed future potential for this large development to provide a balanced view on realistic targets for this ambitious development. 

Theme Park, UAE: Solidere International

An international development client wished to assess what the market conditions in the UAE would need to be like for a new theme park with a renowned international IP to achieve attendance levels in the region of 1.5 million.  To assess this the team looked at the scheduled theme park developments throughout the GCC and likely market demand levels.  Comparisons with other ‘clusters’ of themed entertainment were made to understand the wider picture of a multi theme park destination.  Part of the assignment included outlining a high level area programme for the development and understanding the main area requirements for Entertainment, Merchandising and RDE areas.  The assignment also reviewed site selection and high level masterplanning.

Indoor Waterpark, Oslo – Norway: Steen & Strøm – Parques Reunidos

On behalf of Parques Reunidos and a major retail developer Margreet led a market feasibility study for an indoor waterpark facility in Oslo.  To understand this market, we undertook a review of local market conditions, including the currently available aquatic facilities, and international comparable indoor waterpark facilities.  The deliverable included an assessment of likely attendance, pricing and per capita expenditure.

Movie Park Germany, Germany : Parques Reunidos

Margreet led the team that provided attendance projections for a suggested second gate consisting of a water park at the existing theme park.

Indoor Waterpark, London – UK: Westfield – Parques Reunidos

Margreet led the team assessing the viability of an indoor water park development within the wider envelope of the existing Stratford retail development.  We undertook a review of local market conditions, a review of indoor water parks within the UK and assessed likely attendance, pricing and per capita expenditure. 


Thorough research specific to the given criteria, leaving you with truly informative and relevant reports