Museums & Heritage

Historical Attractions

Museums & heritage attractions carry out a special function in today’s society to preserve identities and shared history.  Today, their funding is continuously under pressure and these attractions have an ever greater need to remain not just relevant, but also engaging and capable of generating self funding cash flows.  

A well executed and targeted museum or heritage attraction can drive footfall to a location and be a real placemaker for the destination. 

Project examples:

Railway Museum Market and Financial Feasibility Study, South Africa: Confidential Client

Margreet led the Economics team that was commissioned to conduct a feasibility and architectural concept study for a Railway Museum in South Africa. The work programme for this study included; an analysis of resident and tourist market dynamics in regional areas, the evaluation of regional attractions performance and strategy, international benchmarking against some of the world’s best Railway Museums, the determination of market potential and estimated attendance, physical planning guidelines, advise on warranted investment and initial concept design.

Museum Sector Review, Morocco: Confidential Client

As part of a wider AECOM team, spread throughout multiple geographies, Margreet reviewed the museum sector in Morocco to better understand its characteristics and the potential for cooperation with between Moroccan musea and other international musea of high standing.

Retail and Leisure Destination, Marrakech – Morocco: Confidential Client

For a suburban site in Marrakech Margreet led the assignment to assess the potential for a retail and leisure development. A concept was recommended and evaluated that included extensive retail, Food & Beverage facilities and an interactive type of museum component. Significant time was spent on assessing the market potential for the museum and what it should offer to optimize footfall for the retail element.

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