Family Entertainment Centres (FECs)

Family Entertainment Centres come in many shapes and forms.  This sector of themed entertainment is currently rapidly changing and developing from historically small, poorly lit collections of pay-per-ride attractions in a forgotten corner of the retail centre into exciting, highly themed, branded and immersive story telling locations that are drawing crowds and are positively contributing and even changing the way we see retail destinations.

FECs range from fun-centred all the way to education oriented, from a Sparky’s to a Little Explorer, these boundaries between entertainment and leisure sectors are blurring and CLEAR Associates is at the forefront of evaluation emerging new concepts. 


Project examples:

Aquarium Facility, Europe: Parques Reunidos

For this major attraction operator Margreet has led the team on numerous market feasibility studies for a small to medium sized aquarium concept throughout Europe. This included reviews of market conditions in the local areas and international comparable aquaria to determine potential attendance scenarios for the proposed attractions.

Active Leisure, Europe: INTU

For a number of locations in Europe Margreet assessed likely levels of demand for active leisure components within large retail destinations. The interaction between retail and leisure is at the forefront of retail planning currently and our team is providing ground-breaking research in this area.

Retail Leisure Entertainment Facility (FEC), Europe: Parques Reunidos

For Parques Reunidos Margreet has led numerous market feasibility studies for new family entertainment concepts such as Nickelodeon Adventure and Lionsgate City throughout Europe. This has included reviews of market conditions in the local areas and international comparable facilities to determine potential attendance scenarios for the proposed attractions.

Observational Wheel, Dubai: Majid Al Futtaim

This assignment included a market feasibility study for a proposed observational wheel, with a show component, in Dubai. We conducted a programme of field and desk research analysing the performance of comparable attractions, both locally and throughout the world, and other pertinent market conditions that would inform the demand and economic assessment. At the conclusions of our research programme we outlined a number of potential operational models for the proposed attraction.

Children’s Visitor Attraction, Abu Dhabi – UAE Kidzania: Confidential Client

The team was commissioned to assess the financial viability of the development of a new outlet of an internationally branded children’s visitor attraction. The development is foreseen to encapsulate a range of edutainment facilities for children through the ages of 4 to 12.

Review of Business Plan FEC, Doha – Qatar: Majid Al Futaim

We conducted a review of the business plan for a Family Entertainment Centre in Doha. The review included a critique of the methodology and benchmarks used within the business plan. Specific areas that were addressed were the market sizing, penetration rates, visitor attendance, pricing levels and operational costs.

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