Mixed Use Developments

CLEAR Associates has worked on numerous mixed use developments

Mixed use developments are a fantastic puzzle of a variety of land uses that should slot together in such a manner that a destination is created whereby each of the individual elements contributes to the greater whole.  Developing a mixed use project is an exercise in balancing cash flow and wow factor, balancing a variety of target markets, and balancing high earning land uses with the right amenities.  

The right mixed use development creates an animated, lively community, the wrong mixed use development creates tumbleweeds.  CLEAR Associates has worked on numerous mixed use developments both in resort locations and urban locations.

Project examples:

Entertainment Destination, Oman Royal Crown Court

The Royal Crown court wished to evaluate a series of locations for the development of an entertainment led destination.  As part of the assignment we evaluated a long list of different types of entertainment concepts and visitor attraction types, their target markets, their financial requirements, and a high level assessment of what likely levels of attendance for those might be in the locations identified. 

Urban Mixed Use Complex, Istanbul – Turkey:Confidential Client

For a historic site in the suburbs of Istanbul, on the shore of the Bosphorus, Margreet led the team that assessed potential returns from a variety of residential real estate types, a luxury hotel, a private members club, a Spa, a film studio complex, a private school, and rental rates for retail and office uses.  Special attention was paid to the concept development of an interactive, living museum component to bring the chequered history of the site back to life.

Leisure & Entertainment Strategy, London – UK: Knight Dragon

Margreet led the team commissioned to develop a strategy around the incorporation of a visitor attraction, a film studio and a casino in a large mixed use urban development in central London.  The advice set out a strategy around the visitor attraction, it’s market positioning and target markets, and likely financial outcomes.  We also advised on the positioning of the Film Studio and projected financial results, and the demand there may be for a casino development in the same urban development.

As a second phase, the incorporation of hotel accommodation products was evaluated, and advice was provided regarding the type of accommodation best suited to the larger development, the sizing of these, the amenities required, the market positioning and possible branding.  Particular attention was given to the opportunity of developing multiple hotel development that could share back of house facilities to create greater efficiencies of scale.

Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi – UAE:

AECOM was commissioned to create a masterplan for the Mina Zayed area of Abu Dhabi.  Margreet led the Economics team that assessed current values and likely drivers for demand going forward.  This analysis informed the masterplan’s main land uses, their adjacencies and their market targeting.

Jeddah– Strategic Planning: Jeddah Amana

AECOM was advising the Jeddah Amana on the strategic spatial planning for Jeddah going forward to 2033.  Margreet’s role within this focussed on the role tourism can play within the development of Jeddah over the next three decades.

Urban Mixed Use Complex, Mauritius: Azuri

AECOM was commissioned to develop a concept and masterplan for the development of a 204 ha plot of land in Mauritius.  Based on an analysis of the economy of Mauritius and various landuses, the final concept is a residential driven development with a visitor attraction, some hotel accommodation, a private school and specialised medical facilities.  The fully informed masterplan is being drawn on the basis of the findings of the market study and financial feasibility assessment performed for the client.

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