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CLEAR Associates can help think broader and explore options to provide a more stable base of attendance

Event Venues have inherent difficulties in providing day, week, and year round stable levels of attendance.  Key to resolving the puzzle is balancing target markets with activities and attractions that suit.  To simply rely on pricing has proven to be inadequate.  CLEAR Associates can help think broader and explore options to provide a more stable base of attendance and therefore revenues. 


Project examples:

Ski Resort, Adjara – Georgia: Confidential Client

The government of the autonomous province of Adjara wished to develop a ski-resort in its mountain range to stimulate the tourism economy in the area.  In order to achieve this goal masterplanners were commissioned to decide on a final location for the resort and its components.  Much of Margreet’s input centred around an assessment of the likely market for the resort, how this could change tourism to the area, how the tourism framework of Adjara needed to adept to ensure the resort would be as successful as possible and what the ideal component mix for the resort would be.  

Conference and Exhibition Hall, Ried – Austria: Confidential Client

On behalf of the local government the feasibility of developing a conference centre with an exhibition hall was assessed.  This included a market demand analysis, concept definition, financial feasibility study, and an assessment of the wider benefits and impacts of the development on the town. 

Mixed Use Resort, Crete – Greece: Confidential Client

For the owning company of a large parcel of land located on a stunning peninsula in the luxury area of Elounda on the island of Crete, Margreet helped to develop an overall vision for this large mixed use leisure resort.  Following the vision the market analysis and the financial feasibility for the development were assessed.  The development consisted of a number of hotels, various real estate elements, a destination spa, golf, a marina and supporting retail and leisure facilities.

Golf Resort, Cardiff – Wales: Confidential Client

On behalf of the owners of a mid-market golf course near Cardiff, various development options for the business were assessed.  This included a review of primary and secondary residential markets, golf, high-end food and beverage options, spa, leisure activities and hotel options. 

Indoor Golf Arena, Schiphol – The Netherlands: Confidential Client

For a Dutch entrepreneur and Architect Bureau, Margreet led the team that assessed the feasibility of an indoor golf attraction located under the smoke of Schiphol.  The project included building an understanding of the developing business parks in the vicinity, the transportation links and the infrastructure improvements that are discussed for the area around the airport. 

Training and Conference Facility, Vienna – Austria: Confidential Client

On behalf of a consortium of public and private investors the feasibility of developing an Academy that would provide custom training and conference space in the outskirts of Vienna was assessed.  This included a market demand analysis, concept definition and a financial feasibility study.  To assess some of the demand issues, a comprehensive questionnaire was developed.  The responses of around 30 companies were collated and fed into the concept analysis and market demand overview.  The concept comprised a training centre, conference centre, large hotel. Restaurants, retail outlets and a health and fitness component.


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