CLEAR Associates covers the following market sectors

Resorts, Hotels and Hospitality

Not only is CLEAR Associates an expert in hotel advisory work but also uniquely positioned to help clients understand & estimate the need for amenities, the relationship between leisure components, accommodation components and how other land uses such as F&B and retail come together to create unique destinations.  The leisure & hospitality worlds are ever more interlinked & the way in which these elements are mixed into a development to create synergies are crucial to success. 

Museums and Heritage

Museums & heritage attractions carry out a special function in today’s society to preserve identities & shared history. Their funding is continuously under pressure & these attractions have an ever greater need to remain not just relevant, but also engaging and capable of generating self funding cash flows.  A well executed & targeted museum or heritage attraction can drive footfall to a location & be a real placemaker for the destination.

Family Entertainment Centres

FECs range from fun-centred all the way to education oriented, from a Sparky’s to a Little Explorer, these boundaries between entertainment and leisure sectors are blurring and CLEAR Associates is at the forefront of evaluation emerging new concepts.  

Mixed Use Developments

These developments are a fantastic puzzle of a variety of land uses that should slot together in such a manner that a destination is created whereby each of the individual elements contributes to the greater whole.

Theme and Water Parks

Key to these larger capital investments is the need to remain locally relevant while of an international quality level.  Theme and water parks balance the needs and requirements of the local resident population while attracting tourists as well. 

Tourism Strategy

The need for a sustainable approach is increasingly recognised and pivotal.  It is central to our approach.

Sports, Event and Other Venues

Event Venues have inherent difficulties in providing day, week, and year round stable levels of attendance.  Key to resolving the puzzle is balancing target markets with activities and attractions that suit.

We carry out thorough research specific to the given criteria, leaving you with truly informative and relevant reports.