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With a solid background in hotel education, operations, and consulting, Margreet is uniquely qualified to help with developments that include accommodation components. Not only is CLEAR Associates an expert in hotel advisory work, it is also uniquely positioned to help clients understand and estimate the need for amenities, the relationship between leisure components and accommodation components and how other land uses such as F&B and retail come together to create unique destinations. 

Today’s leisure and hospitality worlds are ever more interlinked and the way in which these elements are mixed into a development to create synergies are crucial to success.

Project examples:

Leisure & Entertainment Strategy, London – UK: Knight Dragon

Margreet led the team commissioned to develop a strategy around the incorporation of a visitor attraction, a film studio and a casino in a large mixed use urban development in central London. The advice set out a strategy around the visitor attraction, it’s market positioning and target markets, and likely financial outcomes. We also advised on the positioning of the Film Studio and projected financial results, and the demand there may be for a casino development in the same urban development.

As a second phase, the incorporation of hotel accommodation products was evaluated, and advice was provided regarding the type of accommodation best suited to the larger development, the sizing of these, the amenities required, the market positioning and possible branding. Particular attention was given to the opportunity of developing multiple hotel development that could share back of house facilities to create greater efficiencies of scale.

Training and Conference Facility, Vienna – Austria: Confidential Client

On behalf of a consortium of public and private investors the feasibility of developing an Academy that would provide custom training and conference space in the outskirts of Vienna was assessed. This included a market demand analysis, concept definition and a financial feasibility study. To assess some of the demand issues, a comprehensive questionnaire was developed. The responses of around 30 companies were collated and fed into the concept analysis and market demand overview. The concept comprised a training centre, conference centre, large hotel. Restaurants, retail outlets and a health and fitness component.

Urban Leisure Hotel Development, Budva – Montenegro: Confidential Client

In support of a funding application, Margreet led the development of a demand-based business plan and feasibility study for a luxury, urban leisure hotel in Budva. The development of the concept and range of amenities envisaged were tailored to the target markets foreseen and provided the basis for the architect’s visioning of the development. The recommended concept included just under 20 private, serviced residences, a Viennese Café, a cocktail bar opening onto the green public space next to the development, an urban spa, and a range of hotel rooms and suites.

Conference and Training Hotel, Brussels – Belgium: Dolce Hotels

Commissioned by the operator as co-financier of the project, Margreet assessed the feasibility of this hotel just outside of Brussels in the suburb of La Hulpe. Taking into consideration the specifics of this operation most of the work centred around primary market research to establish an understanding of the latent demand for such a specialised operation in the area. This research drove the market demand analysis and the financial feasibility study. This hotel is now operating as a very successful Dolce property.

Beach-Side Hotel, Protaras – Cyprus: Confidential Client

To assist a developer in making crucial decisions with regards to a half-built block of condominiums, the likely financial returns for the operation of a hotel were assessed. The plot was one of the last remaining first line beach plots with excellent links into the larger developed resort area of Protaras.

University of Kent, Canterbury – England: University of Kent

On behalf of the University of Kent the potential markets and levels of demand for a hotel within the campus were assessed. Aside from the market led feasibility study that included full financial projections, a lot of advice centred around the various management options open to the hotel and the conference team already in place at the University. Each option has its own set of consequences on design of the building, cost of the building, operational outcomes and management and time requirements for the University on an ongoing basis. Following the feasibility study Margreet led the public procedure to selection of preferred franchisor for the hotel on behalf of the University.

Mid–Market City Centre Hotel, Bucharest, Romania: Confidential Client

On behalf of a property developer the potential for the development of a mid-market hotel within a new business district in Bucharest was assessed. Key in the project were the pre-let offices and quality of tenants that would drive occupancy within the hotel. After successful conclusion of the study, Margreet led the operator selection process for a management contract for this development and assisted in the negotiation with Starwood Corporation.

Boutique Hotel, Delft – The Netherlands: Confidential Client

Margreet was involved in the feasibility study, concept definition and building cost analysis for a four-star, 100-bedroom hotel located in a grade A listed converted university building in the Netherlands. The University also wished an assessment of the management options for the planned development.

Mid-Market Hotel, Norwich – England: Confidential Client

A property developer involved in re-developing a block of streets within central Norwich commissioned a market led feasibility study with financial appraisal for the development of a mid-market hotel within the overall re-development. Following successful conclusion of the feasibility study, Margreet was commissioned to lead an operator selection procedure followed by assistance in the negotiation of the management contract with the Hilton Corporation as the preferred bidder.

Golf Resort, Cardiff – Wales: Confidential Client

On behalf of the owners of a mid-market golf course near Cardiff, various development options for the business were assessed. This included a review of primary and secondary residential markets, golf, high-end food and beverage options, spa, leisure activities and hotel options.

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